Pittsboro SDA Sermon Videos

4-13-2019 Derrick Nelson

Would You Like to Hear a Secret?

4-20-2019 Evan Bujeker

4-27-2019 Zack McFadden

Taste and See

5-4-2019 Evan Bujeker

5-11-2019 Dave Stenhouse

More Than Salvation

5-18-2019 Derrick Nelson

Identity Crisis

5-25-2019 Lee Griffin

Fruit of the Spirit #9: Self Control

6-08-2019 Dennis Lee

What is Our Purpose in Life?

6-15-2019 Dave Stenhouse

You had ONE Job...

6-22-2019 Jeff Conken

The End (of me)

6-29-2019 Evan Bujeker

Immortal Hope

7-06-2019 Evan Bujeker

The New Covenant

7-13-2019 Carolee Eubanks

The Best You Can Be

7-20-2019 Donald Martin

P.I.T. (Prophet in Training)

7-27-2019 Ken Blake

Splitting the Baby

8-03-2019 Evan Bujeker

Jesus Coming to the Temple

8-10-2019 Zack McFadden

Don't Give Up, Rescue is Coming!

8-17-2019 Evan Bujeker

Remember the Day

8-24-2019 Jeff Conken

Kadesh Barnea: Faith vs. Fear

8-31-2019 Will Oosthuizen

Waiting to be Discovered

9-7-2019 Evan Bujeker

Why the Whirlwind?

9-14-2019 Lee Griffin

Let's Get Up

9-21-2019 Evan Bujeker

Why Reason Together?

10-05-2019 Evan Bujeker

Jesus Heals

10-12-2019 Dave Stenhouse

The Silence of God

10-19-2019 Evan Bujeker

Your Body is the Temple

10-26-2019 Jared Collins

Contours of Creation

11-02-2019 Evan Bujeker

When Jesus Says, "No"

11-16-2019 Evan Bujeker

Looking Out for Others

11-23-2019 Jeff Conken

Who is the Author of Evil?

11-30-2019 Curtis Thomas

Third Angel

12-07-2019 Evan Bujeker

Go to God

12-14-2019 Zack McFadden

Taste and See

12-21-2019 Evan Bujeker

The Shepherd

01-04-2020 Evan Bujeker

Free Indeed

01-11-2020 Kevin Farley

Christ Our Righteousness

1-18-2020 Evan Bujeker

Acts in the Last Days

02-01-2019 Evan Bujeker

Searching for Service

2-15-2020 Will Oosthuizen

Suffering in the Presence of God

2-21-2020 John Earnhardt

Session 1: Victory Lane

2-22-2020 John Earnhardt

Session 2: God's Game Plan

2-22-2020 John Earnhardt

Session 3: Bible Marking Class

2-22-2020 John Earnhardt

Session 4: The White Flag

2-22-2020 John Earnhardt

Session 5: The Checkered Flag

2-29-2020 Will Oosthuizen

The Uncertainty About God

3-7-2020 Evan Bujeker

Build on the Rock

3-21-2020 Evan Bujeker

Backwards or Forwards?

3-28-2020 Evan Bujeker

Build on the Rock

4-4-2020 Evan Bujeker

Interceding for Jerusalem

4-11-2020 Jeff Conken

One Life Changed the World

4-25-2020 Evan Bujeker

The Return of Elijah

5-2-2020 Evan Bujeker

Sweet or Sour Cherries

5-9-2020 Evan Bujeker

Follow Me

5-16-2020 Dave Stenhouse

The Greatest Commandment

5-23-2020 Jeff Conken

Your Bucket List

5-30-2020 Carolee Eubanks

This is My Father's World

6-6-2020 Evan Bujeker

What Do We Do?

6-13-2020 Robert Nunnaley

Moving Forward

6-20-2020 Evan Bujeker


6-27-2020 Rick Major


7-4-2020 Evan Bujeker

High Time

7-11-2020 Lee Griffin

Freedom From Worry's Deadly Grip

7-18-2020 Evan Bujeker

Such a Time as This

7-25-2020 Donald Martin

I was... but Now...

8-1-2020 Evan Bujeker

Glory in the Court

8-8-2020 Dave Stenhouse

You ARE a Witness

8-15-2020 Evan Bujeker

Life and Peace

8-22-2020 Jeff Conken

The Essentials for Following Jesus

8-20-2020 Byron Zelenak

This Transient World

9-5-2020 Evan Bujeker

Honor God

9-12-2020 Rick Major

Three Presents

9-26-2020 Leslie Louis

10-3-2020 Evan Bujeker

The Economy of Heaven

10-10-2020 Brian Allinder

Teach Us to Pray

10-17-2020 Robbi Stockford


10-24-2020 Zack McFadden

We Have a Mediator

10-31-2020 Carolee Eubanks

Be Happy!

11-07-2020 Evan Bujeker

New Life

11-14-2020 Little Creek Quartet

Worship in Song

11-21-2020 Evan Bujeker

Our Peace

11-28-2020 Zack McFadden

God's Plan of Love Revealed

12-05-2020 Evan Bujeker

The Helper

12-12-2020 Kevin Farley

A Christmas Surprise

12-19-2020 Evan Bujeker

Out of Egypt I Have Called My Son

12-26-2020 Brian Allinder

What Time is It?

01-02-2021 Jeff Conken

Do We Have a Healthy Church?